Duncan mayor Phil Kent said there are number of programs in place in the city to help prevent crime. (File photo)

Duncan business owner tired of being crime victim

Lance Steward wants more action

Businessman Lance Steward is tired of being the victim of crime in downtown Duncan.

The owner of Just Jake’s Restaurant told Duncan city council in a letter that he has experienced several thefts and acts of vandalism at his business recently and that crime has become a growing problem in the city.

He said that he hopes city council is aware of the issue and is considering options to make the city more safe from crime.

“It was discouraging to hear just how many people had been victims themselves in the same area recently,” Steward said in the letter.

“I was shocked as the stories just kept coming.”


Steward said there is a willingness among the downtown business community to get involved with any initiatives that the police and/or the city sponsor to help deal with the situation.

“My staff, my colleagues and my friends have been quite energized and interested in hearing about any existing anti-crime movements or even getting involved with them,” he said.

“I am asking that council consider hosting an information meeting where people can voice their concerns and share ideas of how partnerships can be formed to improve the safety of our people and their belongings.”

Duncan mayor Phil Kent said he has spoken to Steward and explained that there are currently a number of programs for the city’s business community to get involved in crime prevention, including community policing and initiatives that are spearheaded by the Duncan Business Improvement Area.

He also said a number of new programs, including a business block watch program, are also in the process of being organized.

But Kent said he’s not aware of any criminal trends in the city at this time in which businesses are being purposely targeted.

“These trends are tracked carefully by the RCMP and, currently, we’re seeing just the usual and general crimes downtown, like theft from vehicles, and the police are not indicating that we’re experiencing any spikes at this time,” Kent said.


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