Dropped gas tank explodes at Kelowna home

Woodpark Crescent resident suffered burns to head and neck.

Reports of an explosion at 311 Woodpark Cres. in Kelowna this afternoon were the result of a gas tank being dropped on the ground.

When Kelowna firefighters arrived at the scene, they were confronted by a boat in flames parked at the driverway of the residence. The lone occupant of the house at the time was at a neighbour’s house suffering from burns to his head and neck.

The resident told the fire department that he was taking a gas tank out of a vehicle when the tank dropped on the floor and exploded. He tried to extinguish the fire using a portable extinguisher after which he exited the garage into the house and closed the door behind him.

The burning fuel ran under the garage door and ignited the boat on the trailer.

Emergency Support Services have been called to assist the family living at the residence.

The fact that both doors were closed to the garage assisted firefighters in extinguishing the fire.

Kelowna Fire Department suggests that you service your extinguishers regularly and check your smoke detectors.


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