Dr. Nick Tan at the Community Wide Vaccination clinic on Tuesday. (Claire Palmer photo)

Dr. Nick Tan: Giving back to the community

Dr. Tan has been a physician in Golden since 2003 and spent the last week helping out with vaccines

  • May. 13, 2021 12:00 a.m.

Dr. Nick Tan remembers as early as Grade 9 knowing that he wanted to work in healthcare.

Citing the ability to help people, he says the welfare of others as a personal primary concern that led him to entering the field.

“It’s the one industry where you actually help people. I know you help people in every industry, but it’s one industry in Canada especially and without ever talking about price,” said Tan.

“I think that is so important, that our sole concern is the welfare of that person.”

First starting his studies at the University of Toronto, Tan made the cross-country trip to B.C. to do his family practice at UBC, before landing in Golden in 2003.

He went full-time at the Golden medical clinic in 2008, citing the community as to why he’s stuck around over the last two decades.

“I had worked full- time in Toronto, and it was good, but there’s something to be desired in terms of the relationship that you have with patients,” said Tan.

“Plus the surroundings, you can’t beat it.”

His dedication to his patients is what led Dr. Tan to help out at the Community Wide vaccination clinic at the Golden Curling Rink.

“I would have done this for a cookie,” he said.

“It’s the reason why I’m here, because it helps people when people that they know that you know them and you mean the best for them, that they trust you.

“That’s a very big part of the vaccine rollout, is having people trust that hey, this is actually something that’s good for me.”

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Tan says last week working at the vaccine clinic has been excellent, with the community rallying together to curb COVID, hopefully once and for all.

He said he’s been impressed with how smoothly things have gone and the community vaccine buy-in.

“The community has been great with the uptake and being patient with us, all those organizing and helping, just excellent overall,” said Tan.

“I really appreciate that.”

He also thanked MLA Doug Clovechok for helping secure the clinic in Golden.

His dedication to the community and getting to know his patients has been a highlight of the job over the last few years, along with having the opportunity to help and serve his community has best as he can.

Tan says he knows it’s been a hard year for everyone, including those businesses that have had to close and those who have gotten sick with COVID.

But he tries to keep it all in perspective.

“Compared to what life could be, it could be worse and you start to realize that we have it pretty easy in comparison,” said Tan.

At the end of the day, he knows that the community has helped him and the other doctors weather the storm over the last year.

“I’d like to just thank the community for being so responsible and patient over the last year, and for working together to get of this problem.”

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