Don’t let others make the decision for you

Vote yes - if you think that's appropriate but not out of fear or guilt

  • Dec. 7, 2017 12:00 a.m.

Letter to the Editor,

I’m pretty sure everyone in Town appreciates and supports the Firefighters – BUT that’s not the referendum question, is it? In last week’s newspaper, the Town’s 1/2 page ad backdrop was a fire photo – to subliminally play on the natural human fear of fire.

The Firefighters Society full-page ad emphasized decontamination and safety – in an attempt to guilt you into an emotional yes vote. The Town’s ad said to “Vote based on facts” and the FF Society ad said, “You need simple facts!”.

To me, the central fact is, as the Mayor stated in a public meeting “This is a Borrowing Referendum …” But neither ad made any mention of the 6.1 million dollar debt principal – or the additional “cost of borrowing” – at least 2 million dollars more!

So vote Yes – if you think that’s appropriate but not out of fear or guilt. Or vote No – and send the Town a message to come back with an affordable plan B.

Just make sure you get out and vote – don’t let others make the decision for you.

Yours truly

Don Cherkas, Creston

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