Done with Dalton recall campaign continues

The campaign to recall B.C. Liberal MLA Marc Dalton continues.

The campaign to recall B.C. Liberal MLA Marc Dalton continues.

They’re still hitting the streets, maybe a week late, and still determined to get Marc Dalton out of his legislative seat.Local organizer Corisa Bell says her group is filing papers with Elections B.C. March 7, about a week behind schedule, despite the failure of the first Fight HST attempt in Victoria to unseat MLA Ida Chong. That campaign was abandoned after canvassers couldn’t get enough people to sign the petition.Bell, though, is confident she can sign up 14,000 people (40 per cent of those who were on the voter’s list in 2008) within 60 days, and thus prompt a byelection in which Dalton would have refight the election. He won by only 68 votes in Maple Ridge-Mission last election. She  wants to forge on, even if premier Gordon Campbell has gone and the Liberals are choosing a new leader. People will still sign the petition because, regardless of who’s chosen leader, it’s still going to be a Liberal, she added.So far, about 100 volunteers are ready to start knocking on doors to collect the signatures as soon as Elections B.C. gives the OK.The more people find out how little Dalton has done in his first two years of office, the more committed people get, Bell says.“Where has he been for two years? That’s not service. He was trying save his own skin.”Dalton only now has increased his profile and is attending community events and groups because of the threat of recall, she adds.Bell said Dalton didn’t represent residents over the proposed new suburbs in Silverdale in west Mission nor vote against the HST in the House when it was brought in last July. She says he works for the Liberal party rather than his constituents.She pointed out that campaigning for votes is difficult because the group can’t get access to malls or commercial buildings and because big business supports the new tax.However, it’s going to shift the burden on to consumers and cost the average wage-earner another $1,300 a year.The MLA challenges everything Bell says, however, and says he’s been busy.“This job as an MLA is a very intense … and a very busy job, and I find many days start early in the morning, until late at night. Many of which are quite rewarding.”One project that’s particularly fulfilling is the Experience the Fraser tourism project, in which a multi-use tourism trail will follow both sides of the Fraser River from Vancouver to Hope.“I’m working very hard and I’d be happy to discuss that with anybody.”Dalton says the recall is “NDP fueled,” even though Bell may not be associated with the party, he added.He said recall isn’t needed because the HST petition was successful in bringing the tax to referendum this spring or fall and requires only a 51-per-cent margin to be defeated.“Whatever the outcome of that vote, will be implemented,” Dalton said.In addition, Campbell has resigned in part because of the outrage over the NDP.Dalton said he’ll mount a defence against the recall petition once it gets underway.

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