This is the baby rattlesnake that bit the dog at a Vernon park. (Facebook)

Dog bit by baby rattler at popular Vernon park

The rattlesnake was hidden underneath a park bench when it struck

  • Jun. 13, 2021 12:00 a.m.

Can you spot the baby rattlesnake?

Bentley, the dog was out on a hike with his friends in Kal Park in Vernon this week and stopped for a rest and a photo op at a picnic bench. Unbeknownst to the dogs and his friends, a baby rattler was hiding under the bench. When the dogs jumped down the rattler struck out biting Bentley.

Bentley was rushed to Fairfield Animal Hospital in Kelowna, the only 24/7 emergency animal hospital in the area, and received antivenin.

He stayed overnight for fluids and observation and now he’s home and happy with his family, said Fairfield on their Facebook page.

A few weeks ago, hikers and climbers at a popular Penticton park, Skaha Bluffs, had to stand guard in front of an outhouse after one climber went to use the toilet and came across a baby snake.

A rattlesnake isn’t what you want to see when you need to use the bathroom, but that’s just what climbers and hikers at Skaha Bluffs encountered. The venomous snake was spotted curled up next to the toilet in the outhouse there. Luckily no one stepped on it.

If you see a rattler, back away slowly and give them a wide berth, said Fairfield Animal Hospital. If your dog is bitten, carry small dogs and calmly walk larger dogs to the car and get to your veterinarian as soon as possible. With treatment, our furry friends recover just fine.

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Dogs pose for a picture at a bench not knowing a baby rattlesnake is curled up below. The dog to the right was bit by that snake seconds after this picture was taken. (Facebook)