District of 100 Mile House map.

District of 100 Mile House map.

District of 100 Mile House rezones Country Residential Zone area to Residential Medium Density Zone

One hanger owner concerned there will be noise complaints

  • Feb. 14, 2019 12:00 a.m.

The District of 100 Mile Council moved to rezone a part of Zone 2, Plan KAP91096, DLs 31 and 2139, Lillooet District and on Heron Ridge Road to be turned into Country Residential Zone to Residential Medium Density Zone at a public hearing on Feb. 13.

“This was a fairly extensive referral process that was done on this property. Not only did it touch the 60-metre radius – that’s our typical radius for property owners – but we also notified a whole lot of commercial tenants along the highway and all the residences in the subdivision area behind the Red Coach,” said Joanne Doddridge, director of economic development and planning.

The purpose of this rezoning is to promote a country-like atmosphere for residential housing in large lot areas of 0.2 to 1 hectares adjacent to rural areas. It will also remove the ability for owners to build coach houses.

A coach house is basically a secondary home that exceeds 50 per cent of the principal permitted use or 90 square metres.

This does not include detached garages that are not “liveable in.”

Doddridge spoke of some correspondence the district received from BC Hydro and Enbridge.

“They have no rejection to the proposal but they did have some technical issues as far as lines and how they were going to service some of that lots in and around that area, but no objection,” said Doddridge of BC Hydro.

Enbridge also did not express any objections.

Doddridge said they received several visits from airport hangar owners.

“One hangar owner wanted it put on record that somehow property owners in the subdivision area be advised they are living next to an airport because sometimes people buy homes and then they complain that it’ noisy,” she said.

Other hanger owners came in to inquire about senior housing.

Of the notices sent out to residents of the aforementioned subdivision behind the Red Coach, commercial tenants and the residents in the 60-metre radius, Doddridge said these were the only correspondence the district received.

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