Creston RCMP took more drinking drivers off the road last week

A couple of instant roadside driving suspensions for drinking drivers, and a recommendation for a criminal charge for one impaired driver, made last week a busier one for Creston RCMP.

Creston RCMP responded to a more typical 59 calls for service from November 28 – December 4, a quick turnaround from the previous unusually slow week, Cpl. Darren Kakuno said on Tuesday.

November 28

• Conflicting stories from all parties involved in a reported assault in the 2800 block of Highway 3 were unhelpful, but neither was a refusal by all not to pursue charges.

November 29

• Police advised a man to increase security on his account after he reported his Facebook account was compromised with inappropriate images and messages. They also recommended that he have his computer checked for viruses or malware.

• When police arrived to investigate a disturbance at 20th Avenue South they found the siblings involved had resolved their issues.

• Only the smoldering remains of a fire remained when police arrived at the 1300 block of Northwest Boulevard to investigate a complaint of prohibited or noxious materials. The residents were warned

• When police responded to a report of an ongoing neighbours’ dispute on 16th Avenue South they determined that the problem was a landlord-tenant issue, not a criminal matter.

November 30

• An SUV driver directed by police to pull over on Highway 3 at Sunset Boulevard failed to stop, then drove into a field before abandoning the vehicle and fleeing on foot. A police dog was brought in to track the suspect but it was determined that he had been picked up by a vehicle travelling northbound toward the Kootenay Lake ferry. Nelson RCMP were brought into the case and arrested two suspects who are known to police. The investigation into numerous driving and drug offences continues.

• A driver faces a violation ticket after failing to stop for a school bus displaying its flashing lights and stop sign on 16th Avenue North at Hurl Street.

• Police began an investigation of an incident that arose from a report about a car and truck in a ditch near Haskins Road in Erickson. They arrived to find a black Chevrolet in the ditch, with no sign of a driver or occupants. Failure to report an incident and remain at the scene was a concern.

December 1

• An off duty officer witnessed a vehicle backing into another in the Community Complex parking lot. The driver left the scene and was later located and served with a ticket for failing to provide information. The owner of the damaged parked vehicle was notified.

• Police received a report of a black Chevrolet pickup having been stolen from 36th Avenue North, near where it was found in the ditch on the previous day. The investigation continues.

• No injuries were reported after a minor rear-end collision on Valley View Drive.

December 2

• Assault charges are pending after police were called to a 16th Avenue South residence. An intoxicated suspect was arrested for assault and held in cells.

• A break and enter to the Creston Education Centre on 11th Avenue South on December 1st or 2nd included the theft of teleconference equipment valued at several thousand dollars. Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact Creston RCMP or Crimestoppers.

• Police received conflicting reports about which person was threatening the other on the telephone, and warned both individuals to cease communication.

• No violation tickets were issued in a police stop check of about 60 vehicles on Highway 3 at 27th Avenue North.

• A stop check on Canyon Street resulted in a 3-day driving prohibition for drinking and driving. Charges are also being recommended after a passenger was discovered to be in breach of court conditions by having contact with the driver.

• A vehicle with no headlights on in the middle of the night was stopped. The driver blew a “warn” on a roadside screening device and got a 3-day driving prohibition.

December 3

• A patrolling officer near Kootenay Pass came across a vehicle in the ditch near the Maryland Creek forest service road. The driver had lost control on a corner but was not injured. The vehicle had to be towed.

• A driver stopped on Highway 3 in Erickson was found to have an invalid driver’s license. He also failed a roadside screening test and was then taken back to the police station, where he blew over the legal limit. Criminal charges for impaired driving are being recommended.

December 4

• A driver sustained minor injuries after his logging truck rolled over on Highway 95 near Kingsgate. The truck was damaged and had to be towed.

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