Creston RCMP respond to men fighting over cat

Two males on Ninth Avenue became embroiled in a dispute about possession of a cat...

Creston police responded to 74 calls for service from April 23-29, Staff Sgt. Bob Gollan said on Monday. (The first part of this week’s report can be found here.)

April 27

•Two males on Ninth Avenue became embroiled in a dispute about possession of a cat, which may or may not be alive.

•A male serving a jail sentence on weekends after an assault conviction didn’t show up on Friday as scheduled. Police found him intoxicated and heading for a liquor store. He faces charges of breaching court conditions and being drunk in public, and will likely be returned to jail full-time.

•Neighbours on 11th Avenue South were able to resolve an access to property dispute before police arrived on the scene.

•A vehicle in which a male was living while parked at the Creston Museum was towed to another location with the male’s co-operation.

•A male arrived at the police station claiming that he had just stabbed another male who had entered his apartment on 14th Avenue. Police located the other male, who had a cut on his hand that he claimed was from a lawnmower blade. The dispute appears to be about a property rental and the investigation continues.

April 28

•A patrol on Highway 3A noticed that a vehicle crossed the centre line. The driver was stopped and issued a 24-hour driving prohibition when he failed a roadside alcohol test. He was taken back to the RCMP station, where he failed further tests and now faces impaired driving charges.

•A complaint was received about a vehicle damaging a 36th Street field by doing donuts on it.

•A person who sold a motorcycle without removing the licence plate called police to ask for help in getting the plate back.

•An older flatbed truck with beehives was reported to have dumped bags of garbage near the old ferry landing. Police are investigating.

•Police were called to a possible break and entry to a 22nd Avenue North residence. They determined the owner was likely the target of a practical joke by friends.

•When a patrol car pulled over a vehicle on Sinclair Road the driver threw a beer bottle out the window. He failed a roadside screening test for alcohol consumption and was given a 24-hour driving suspension.

April 29

•In an ongoing issue, a Highway 3 resident was accused of playing the sounds of dogs barking through a speaker set up near a neighbour’s residence. Gollan said charges might be laid as there seems to be no other way to resolve the problem.

•Police attended a 22nd Avenue North residence to keep the peace while one of the residents moved out.

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