Creston RCMP calls include shoplifting, hit and run

Coin theft, stolen computer, scam phone call and more for Creston RCMP during week of May 16-22...

Creston RCMP responded to 82 calls for service from May 16-22, Sgt. Dave Nassichuk said on Tuesday.

May 16

•A minor assault took place at a Canyon Street residence.

•A reported runaway youth was later located safe in another community.

•Underage drivers were reported to be driving on public roads in Canyon.

•The maker of a harassing phone call was given a warning by police.

•Minor damage to washing machines and theft of coins was reported in an apartment building.

•An unwanted guest was removed from a rural residence.

•An unpaid restaurant bill turned out to be a civil matter.

•Two vehicles parked on Birch Street were damaged and two bicycles were stolen in three separate incidents.

May 17

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Carol Creek Forest Service Road. Police had to destroy the deer.

•Two people were prohibited from entering a Canyon Street business in the future.

•A 29-year-old male was charged after being caught shoplifting at a business in the 1000 block of Northwest Boulevard.

May 18

•A miscommunication regarding the sale of a vehicle was resolved when police mediated.

•A vehicle was stolen from 11th Avenue North and found burned on a Canyon property the following day.

•An iPod that was reported lost turned out to have been left at another location.

•A motorcycle driver sustained road rash and a hand injury in a collision with a car in the 16000 block of Highway 3A in Crawford Bay.

•A laptop computer was stolen from a parked vehicle in the 1100 block of Cedar Street.

•No assault or threats were made during a disturbance involving a male and two females between Vancouver and Pine Streets.

May 19

•A sailboat reported to have overturned in Kootenay Lake near Kuskonook was determined to be a log.

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3A near Sirdar. The deer fled the scene.

•Police were called about a civil dispute involving a broken window on Erickson Road.

•A harassment incident was reported in the 700 block of Canyon Street.

•Another report about theft from coin-operated washers came from a Hillside Street apartment.

•A warning letter was sent to a driver reported to be talking on a cellphone.

•A bicycle was reported lost in Kitchener.

•A resident reported receiving a scam phone call purported to be from Canada Revenue Agency making threats that the recipient would be arrested by the RCMP if a payment was not made. Police request residents to not respond to such demands over the telephone.

May 20

•A 44-year-old male was found to be driving while prohibited on Northwest Boulevard. He has been charged.

•A picnic table was damaged and three trees were cut down at the ferry landing picnic site.

•Police were called regarding a civil dispute in Yahk.

•Threats were uttered in a family court matter.

•An unusual hit and run report was received. A vehicle that stopped on Canyon Street was rear-ended. It then drove off and the driver of the vehicle following too close made the report.

•Horses were reported to be on Highway 21 near Goat River.

•An erratic speeding driver was reported on Highway 3 near Irishman Creek.

•A small amount of marijuana was seized from a vehicle at the Highway 3A viewpoint near Wynndel.

•A possibly impaired driver was reported on Highway 3 west of Yahk.

•A male was arrested on a warrant from Nelson.

•A car stunting by squealing tires in the 4400 block of Erickson Road was reported.

•A 28-year-old male blew a warn signal on a roadside screening device and was issued a three-day driving prohibition on Canyon-Lister Road.

May 21

•A vehicle doing donuts and playing loud music at Canyon Hall was not located.

•Police conducted a stop check of vehicles on Highway 3A at Cory Road.

•A severely intoxicated 19-year-old male was dropped off at the police station. He was taken to hospital by ambulance.

•A female who was seen striking a dog on 10th Avenue North was warned and advised to take the animal to the Pet Adoption and Welfare Society if she is unable to care for it.

•Police conducted a stop check of vehicles on Canyon Street at 10th Avenue North.

•A vehicle collided with a deer on Highway 3 west of Kitchener, sustaining about $3,000 in damage and requiring a tow.

May 22

•A wallet reported lost was later found in a friend’s driveway.

•A rockslide was reported on Highway 3 west of Kootenay Pass.

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