Court adjourns Martin extradition hearing

Extradition hearing for Malakwa’s Colin Martin on hold, allowing time to raise funds for legal defence.

  • Sep. 25, 2013 8:00 p.m.

An extradition hearing for Malakwa’s Colin Martin has been put on hold, giving him time to raise funds necessary for his legal defence.

A B.C. Supreme Court Justice adjourned the hearing on Sept. 11, following presentations by Martin and the federal Crown in Kamloops Provincial Court.

Representing himself, Martin argued he did not wish to proceed without experienced legal representation, which wouldn’t be supported by the Legal Services Society. He expects to return to work as a faller to earn the necessary funds for his defence.

Martin was indicted in Washington State in 2009, along with Sean William Doak, James Gregory Cameron and Adam Christian Serrano, after U.S. and Canadian authorities made arrests in a drug operation where marijuana and ecstasy were allegedly flown stateside in exchange for cocaine.

On Sept. 11, the Crown alleged Martin was involved in the organization of helicopters used in the operation, and asked that the hearing happen sooner than later, noting Martin has a history of court delays.

A new hearing is expected to be set by the end of October.

Martin is also scheduled for a three-week trial in March 2014 for other drug-related charges. These result from a July 2010 police raid at the Malakwa property where he and his family were residing, where authorities uncovered a marijuana grow operation in a bunker underneath a neighbouring workshop.


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