Meila Knooihuizen, nine, and sister Kalina, seven, take a ride on the Ferris wheel with the Papa Norm Aikenhead at Lumby Days on Saturday.

Councillor drumming up Lumby Days support with ‘rant’

Nick Hodge writes tongue-in-cheek Facebook post opposing Mardi Gras theme

Nick Hodge is shocked and appalled.

And kidding.

The Lumby councillor raised an eyebrow or two when he posted his tongue-in-cheek opposition to the 2018 theme for Lumby Days on the Mardi Gras Theme For Lumby DAYS 2018 Facebook page.

“Mardi Gras is not a suitable theme for Lumby,” wrote Hodge. “My research leads me to believe that it will lead to acdts of debauchery such as music and dancing, and blocking traffic in the streets…

“The village should strongly condemn this choice of themes, and ask the Lumby Days committee to reconsider.”

Before the hate mail is penned, Hodge said his post was done strictly in fun, a result of one of his own wonderful memories in life, and hoping to drum up interest in Lumby Days.

“I was in Tepotzotlan, Mexico, eight years ago for their Carnaval,” said Hodge. “They had their churches’ parishes enter the parade, people were dancing, bands were playing. I thought we could do the same with our social clubs, like the Lions, chamber of commerce, and have them challenge each other.

“I would love to see brass bands and everybody dressed up and have people come from all over.”

The annual Lumby Days – complete with its Mardi Gras theme and with Hodge taking part – runs June 8 to 10.

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