Council report

Resolutions and bylaws from the April 8 Summerland Municipal Council meeting.

The regular meeting of municipal council was held on April 8 in council chambers. The mayor and all councillors were present.


Home severance supported

Council supported subdivision application for 9701 Lenzi St. under the provision of the Homesite Severance Policy for lands within the Agricultural Land Reserve. The application will be forwarded to the Agricultural Land Commission for consideration.

The land commission allows the homesite severance for those within the land reserve provided they have continuously owned and occupied the property as their principal residence since Dec. 21, 1972. The applicant must also show intention to sell the rest of the property upon approval of the severance application.

Deputy Corporate Officer appointed

Jeremy Denegar, director of corporate services for the municipality, was appointed deputy corporate officer. This ensures signing authority on behalf of the municipality when the corporate officer is absent.


Zoning amended

Council gave final reading to a bylaw to amend the zoning for 8218 Pollock Terr.

Records Management Bylaw adopted

Council gave final reading to the municipality’s Records Management Bylaw.

The bylaw sets out the procedures and policy functions for records management.


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