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Wildfire Update; Nakusp Volunteer Fire Dept Update; Hotsprings and chalet roofing update; Yearly yard maintenance pick-up problems

  • Jun. 3, 2015 11:00 a.m.

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Wildfire Update

As it poured outside the council chambers for the first significant rainfall in weeks, Warren reminded council there has been very low rainfall so far in 2015 and a low snow pack this year too in the south Columbia. In the southeast fire district there are four new fires, three caused by lightning strikes in the Slocan Valley.

Currently there is an open fire prohibition in effect, which could dampen local celebrations.

“[Open Fire Prohibition] is usually in effect after the July 1 celebrations,” remarked Warren “You may see a Canada Day without fireworks.” Although no open fires are permitted, campfires are still allowed.



Nakusp Volunteer Fire Dept Update

The Nakusp Volunteer crew has been busy in 2015 so far with cross training with wildfire management and carrying out live fire training. They have also contended with nine motor vehicle incidents, three chimney fires, one kitchen cooking fire, one false alarm, one structure fire — the Nixon house, which was going to be burned as part of a firefighting exercise — one mill fire, and two electrical fires which were the result of trees on power lines.



Hotsprings and chalet roofing update

Director of Operations for the Hot Springs Terry Walsh told council the roof of the hot springs is almost complete. However, the re-roofing of the Cedar Chalets needed more discussion.

So far, the bid to re-roof the chalets is $32,694 with no sheeting, plywood under the shingles. To add sheeting to all chalets would add $32,426 to the cost, Walsh told council.

Council voted to accept the report as information and requested that Walsh also find out more information about the cost to replace strapping in the roofs where necessary.



Yearly yard maintenance pick-up problems

Community pick up has increased by 25 per cent.

“I think more people are seeing it as more of a service,” said Public Works Director of Operations Warren Leigh, who believes some people are saving up waste all year and putting bags out for collection one month to six weeks before the Community Pride pick up. The Pride Week phenomenon and its costs will be tracked.

Some residents have complained about smoke from burning the collected yard waste. When asked why wood waste is burned not chipped, Leigh said the labour required to untangle them “would be huge, it would take weeks and weeks.” Sorting branches from leaves is difficult as they are collected at the same time, and burning leaves produces more smoke.



Request for funds for Fauquier Golf Course

Director Paul Peterson wrote a letter to council requesting $10,000 of NACFOR funds be designated for the Southern Zone to rebuild a bridge at the Fauquier Golf Course that was washed out this spring. Council voted to approve the request. Mayor Karen Hamling noted there is no procedure for projects wanting to be funded and there is a need to get a process in place for funding applications.




The June 8 council meeting will be cancelled due to change of CAO. Next meeting, to be announced.



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