Terrace city council met April 14.

Terrace city council met April 14.

Council briefs: Skeena Bar proposes new patio

Summary of council discussions from April 14

  • Apr. 22, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Skeena Bar applies to create patio

Council received information that the Skeena Bar on Greig Ave. has applied to amend its liquor licence in order to create a 40-person patio on the eastern side of the building. Property owners and tenants within 50 metres of the proposed patio were notified by mail and invited to comment on the proposal.

David Block, the city’s development officer, said the city hasn’t received any public feedback on this matter so far. Council is set to consider the proposal at a future council meeting, before forwarding recommendations to the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch, which oversees liquor licences.

The Terrace Standard reached out to the Skeena Bar and learned from manager Kirsten Middleton that the patio project is postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Currently everything is on hold,” she wrote in an email, adding the company is meeting soon to determine the fate of the patio project and other initiatives within the company.

Temporary use permit granted to industrial equipment company

An industrial equipment rental and sale company, Local Rental Solutions, has been granted temporary permission to set up shop at 4516 Keith Ave., even though that area is not zoned for industrial uses.

The area is zoned “highway commercial,” for businesses such as motels and restaurants, but it was zoned for industrial use prior to 1993.

Local Rental Solutions, a company from Prince George, is expanding into Terrace and leased a portion of the lot on Keith Ave. from Superior Propane, another industrial company, which has been at that site for decades and was grandfathered when the zone changed in 1993.

David Block, the city’s development officer, said at the April 14 council meeting that city staff advised Local Rental Solutions of the zoning issue in July 2019, but the company subsequently applied for a business licence from the city in the fall of 2019, which was accidentally granted.

“The business license was inadvertently issued by our business licensing clerk, who wasn’t aware of the zoning issues,” Block told council.

Therefore Block and city staff recommended, and council approved, that a temporary use permit be issued to Local Rental Solutions, allowing it to operate on the site for three years.

“The intent is to allow this business to come to Terrace, establish and operate, but then also look for an appropriately zoned property for a permanent home,” Block said.

The company was required to pay a security deposit and has to meet some conditions including restrictions on where they can display industrial equipment.

New office building to be constructed on Keith Ave.

Northpac Forestry Group Ltd., a forestry consulting firm, sought a development permit to construct a small, single-story office and light-industrial building at 5101 Keith ave. Council unanimously approved the development permit.

Normally a development of this size and type would be required to have 10 paved parking spots. Council approved a variance reducing the required paved parking spots to five, down from 10, because the shape and size of the lot are not conducive to having 10 paved spots.

Instead, the five paved spots will be available to visitors, while Northpac staff will use a gravel parking area at the rear of the building.

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