Council briefs

Items postponed during the last council meeting brought forward

  • Jul. 4, 2012 8:00 p.m.

A number of items were postponed from the last council meeting on June 11 and were brought forward for the regular District of Sooke council meeting on June 25.

Unfinished business

Council adopted Bylaw No. 527, Fire Protection Services Amendment Bylaw. This bylaw will allow open air fires on large properties.

A policy to install security cameras in the municipal hall was adopted by council. The four cameras are to enhance the safety of persons and civic property. The policy to install the cameras is for security purposes only at the municipal hall and does not apply to cameras in parks, streets or public area.

A letter had been received from Staff Sgt. Steve Wright, who was concerned with the safety of the employees at the main entrance to the municipal hall. He also recommended future employees/applicants have a valid criminal check completed before they are considered for employment.

Council received a preliminary design report for the Galloping Goose-Sooke River Pedestrian Crossing. The intent of the project was to identify and study various potential crossing locations and select one crossing location to design and construct.

No further action will be taken. The report was received and filed.

District Engineer Elizabeth Nelson said if a grant came through the report would make the project “shovel ready.”

Public Hearing and Input

A public hearing was held for Bylaw No. 521, Zoning Amendment Bylaw for Talc Place Park. Council gave third reading to the bylaw which would rezone the  1,875 sq. metre, closed Talc Place Park from Public Recreation (P1) to Medium Lot Residential (R2).  No comments came from the public.

The Annual Municipal Meeting where the Annual Report is presented drew no comments from the public.

Development Variance Permits were recommended for 2205 Tara Place and 7247 Bethany Place.


Council gave first, second and third reading to Bylaw No. 537, Sooke Core Sewer Specified Area Amendment Bylaw to property at 7188 West Coast Road.

The Land Use and Environment Committee made a number of recommendations to council.

Council decided not to consider a mandatory requirement for a new building regulation that would have required all new single family homes with the District of Sooke to be built to accommodate a future installation of a new solar hot water system.

“The province and BC Hydro has had incentives,” said Mayor Milne. “It would be cumbersome and expensive, so we chose not to go through with it.”

Council approved in principle a strata title conversion of previously occupied dwelling at 1810 and 1820 Connie Road.

Approval was given to a request to subdivide one additional lot at 2727 Phillips  Rd. The request will be forwarded to the Agricultural Land Commission for approval.

Staff will be directed to draft a report to reinstate all previous Rural Residential Zone (RU4) properties to make the minimum lot size 2,500 sq. metres outside the sewer specifies area (SSA) ,effective 2012 and all previously established lots be zoned to reflect their current lot size or which ever zone is closest to their current lot size.

Design guidelines for the town centre will have a public input process. Amendments to the Official Community Plan will strengthen the policy statements regarding a “West Coast” theme; include more details in the DPA #1 around architectural details, storefront designs and building materials; preparation of an illustrative guide for developers based on the policies and guidelines in the OCP; amends to Subdivision and Development Standards Bylaw to include sidewalks, street furnishing, lamp standards and street trees.

Consultation will take place with developers on themes and DPA #1 guidelines prior to staff reporting back to council. An illustrative hand-out will be prepared outlining the characteristics of the theme.


It is expected that the draft form of the guidelines will be ready by the fall of 2012.



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