Council adopts new snow policy

City council approved a new snow and ice control policy.

  • Oct. 21, 2011 2:00 p.m.

City council approved a new snow and ice control policy to more clearly define the objectives and standards by which snow removal is to be undertaken in the city.

The City says the new policy provides more efficient procedures and distinct priority areas in the city.

It is also to provide residents a defined set of objectives.

Under the policy, priority is given to the downtown core, where the objective is to have snow plowed, windrowed, and trucked away between eight and 24 hours after a snow event.

Within each of the City’s five snow removal zones, there are three areas with three different levels of priority. These roads will be the first to be plowed and treated following a snow event.

Residential areas will be plowed and windrowed for cleanup. This procedure will take approximately 24-96 hours to complete following the cleanup of the downtown core and will be done in conjunction with the solid waste collection route.

Snow clearing of city sidewalks, parking lots, stairs, walkways and public transit bus stops may be cleaned within eight to 24 hours after a storm where the City receives five centimetres of snow or more.

In cases of extreme snow events, qualified City staff from other divisions will be assigned to assist in snow clearing operations.

In the event of extreme or prolonged weather events, it may take longer than normal to achieve the established objectives.

The policy and maps outlining priority areas are available at the City’s website at A Q&A will be available at that address in the coming days.

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