Constantia moving ahead to Phase 2

Constantia expects to begin Phase 2 of their Maggie Mine site exploration in October.

Constantia HDI is looking for workers, suppliers and contractors to help them complete Phase 2 of their drilling exploration next month.

The exploration company has new property in the 16 Mile area to take core samples from, plus it plans to do more testing on the property it already holds.

Jason Quigley, Executive Vice President for Constantia HDI said Phase 2 will likely start in October, but they’re still looking for employees who will be trained on the job.

“During the last phase, we had 30-40 contractors,” he sid. “We’re hoping to have more during this phase.”

He said the operation will be on the same scale as the first phase, but over a shorter period of time. He expects Phase 2 to last two to three months.

The results of the copper and molybdenom testing confirmed the historical data recorded in the 1960s.

“We want to examine how far the data extends,” he said. “It’s kind of like an underground treasure hunt.”

Quigley said what they do in Phase 3 will depend on the results of Phase 2.

They’d hoped to start Phase 2 this Spring, but financing took longer than expected.

“We’re exactly where we’d hoped to be at this stage,” he said.

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