Conservative Fell would scrap carbon tax, end ‘climate hysteria’

I, Julian Fell, am the representative of Coombs-Errington at the Regional District of Nanaimo. I am the MLA nominee of the BC Conservatives.

  • Apr. 27, 2017 6:00 p.m.

I, Julian Fell, am the representative of Coombs-Errington at the Regional District of Nanaimo. I am the MLA nominee of the BC Conservatives.

The BC Conservatives are a grassroots, made in BC Party, and are not connected to the federal Conservatives.

We put BC first. We have not received donations from corporations (domestic or foreign), from banksters, big unions nor transnational environmental groups. We have no special interest donors, just regular folks.

The BC Conservative position is: The Province is not your mother. The Province is not your nanny. The government should ensure the provision of useful infrastructure and necessary services but should otherwise stay out of people’s lives, opinions, religions and personal choices. We believe in prudent and transparent financial management. You cannot run a government budget any differently from your personal budget. You cannot spend what you do not have. You cannot have what you cannot afford. We do not try to bribe or buy you with your own money by promising new goodies. We offer innovative solutions and fiscal responsibility.

My top 10 issues.

1) Financial Recklessness: The budget is near $50 billion. The provincial debt is $65 billion, the interest payment is $4.5 billion which is nine per cent of the budget and a rate of seven per cent. And what is hidden in liabilities? Especially at BC Hydro? I don’t think we have the full picture.

2) Climate hysteria, climate fraud. Despite vehement proclamations otherwise, a large block of irrefutable evidence now proves that CO2 is climate neutral and has negligible effect on temperature. Blaming CO2 for what is natural climate fluctuations can now be regarded as a scam, and a futile endeavour. The first step is to scrap the carbon tax.

3) Housing inaffordability and homelessness. This is due to a huge shortage of lower cost residences. We need province-wide at least 200,000 residences that are more to far more basic than now conventionally permitted. The BC Conservatives have a plan to enable this without raiding the public pocket.

4) Fading democracy. Restoration of functional petition, referendum, recall and counter-petition. Proportional representation is divisive and damaging to a stable and moderate decision-making process.

5) Rural physician shortage and hospital waits.

6) Provincial and bureaucratic downloading without financial enablement.

7) Political correctness. Affirmative action. A social disease that suppresses freedom of opinion and speech, promotes favoured groups and victimizes others.

8) Reckless exposure of public and children to gigahertz electromagnetic radiation.

9) Mental health neglect. Transferring burden to local communities and police.

10) Government unions entitlement.

Another party MLA gets you a back-bencher who votes the party line and represents the party to you.

BC Conservatives have free votes and you get a local voice to the legislature.

I would like to be that voice and I would appreciate your vote come May 9.

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