Clearwater resident Robson Beaudry throws his graduation cap in celebration of completing an Education Technolgy program through Harvard University. Beaudry completed his studies on May 28. Photo submitted

Clearwater resident graduates from Harvard University program

Robson Beaudry graduated in May and is now looking for jobs in his field amid COVID-19

  • Jun. 15, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Clearwater resident Robson Beaudry recently graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Education Technology after receiving a scholarship that allowed him to travel and see much of the world.

Beaudry graduated on May 28 and said he’s now talking to universities and technology startups about potential job opportunities, in terms of how they’re managing the ways they deploy education technology platforms, though the current pandemic is slowing down his job search.

When describing his choice of academic study Beaudry said, “The way I’d define it is, it’s looking at some of these emerging technologies that are in use in other areas, things like (artificial intelligence) and (virtual reality) and seeing if you can use them to improve the learning process, make it more efficient, make it more equitable and more effective.”

Beaudry’s travels began when he was able to finish his high school studies in Hong Kong, China through the International Baccalaureate Program in 2010, then after two years headed to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates where he worked toward his bachelor’s degree.

He said Hong Kong was an incredible experience, being the first time he really left Clearwater, and it gave him a chance to explore new things and delve deeper into his academic interests.

Abu Dhabi was also interesting for Beaudry, a place he was able to see after getting the scholarship that allowed him to study there.

“New York University (NYU) had just opened an international program there,” he said.

“That was quite an interesting experience in the sense that it gave me a lot of opportunities to continue what I started in Hong Kong, to continue seeing different things internationally and go deeper into what I was studying. And just the chances to continue travelling and seeing new places.”

NYU’s various campuses around the world allowed Beaudry to travel to Madrid, Spain, as well as the Big Apple, which ended up as great opportunities for him in their own right, further opening up his views of the world and who he is as a person.

As much as Beaudry enjoyed all the travel and educational opportunities, he said he’s glad to be back in Clearwater, and one possible upside to the COVID-19 pandemic is it’s allowed him to extend the stay in his hometown before pursuing a job.

“It’s a great feeling to finish the program and it was a dream of mine, but I always love coming back to Clearwater. It’s been one positive of COVID, that I was able to spend the last couple months here,” he said, adding it’s tough naming the most memorable experience he’s gained throughout his travels.

“It’s tough to name one in particular. I’ve had a chance to bring certain friends I’ve met in Hong Kong or Abu Dhabi to come visit me back here in Clearwater, which has always been really nice to show where I’m from.”

Beaudry is currently chatting to a couple of companies in the United States and Canada about job opportunities, though again, the pandemic had complicated the job search process.

“COVID-19 has kind of shut down everything, but now that things are opening up again I’m back to deciding what the next step is going to be,” he said.

“It’ll be interesting, certainly COVID has really changed a lot of stuff (regarding) learning and how it’s going to take place and I think it’s going to be very different after this pandemic is over.”

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