100 People That Care

Clearwater charity helps local man with medical costs

Group brings in $1,200 in 20 minutes

  • Mar. 30, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Clearwater’s 100 People That Care group held its quarterly meeting early this month, raising more than a thousand dollars for a local man in need of urgent surgery.

At the meeting, which took place March 5, the group brought in $1,200 in 20 minutes for Sheldon Mattenly, whose medical expenses are expected to be in the range of $15,000.

“The great thing about this group is that there is always a good feeling knowing that pockets of our valley are supported. The mighty group of people that care are making an immediate financial difference. The collective giving is the key; we are stronger together,” said Shelley Sim, who helped form 100 People That Care in Clearwater.

“This is a giving community and this is just one more example of that generous spirit.”

The group met at 4:30 p.m. when members wrote down nominations for various local causes that were then put in a hat, then from the hat, they drew three nominations to vote on.

The other two causes were Clearwater’s midget boys hockey team that was successful in making it to provincials, but travel expenses were expected to be costly. Toonies or Tummies, a local campaign held at Buy-Low that helps fund local school breakfast programs, was also a possibility.

By 4:50 p.m. the group was finished and had voted to support Mattenly.

“To date, the group has met four times and raised close to $7,500 which is a marvelous gesture of community giving,” said Sim.

“The group has committed to meeting quarterly and to date, each meeting has been less than 30 minutes! Quick and efficient fundraising that leaves everyone feeling good about their giving.”

The premise of the group is to ideally bring 100 people together, with each member donating $50 so that there could be a donation amount of $5,000.

Sim noted the local club hasn’t reached that level yet but said 100 That Care has been welcoming new members at each meeting.

There have been people who’ve shown interest in being a part of the movement, she said, but their schedules don’t allow them to attend meetings, so for people with conflicting schedules who still want to partake, it’s possible to send $50 in advance of the meeting and trust the group with their selection.

“A Hundred People That Care has the sole purpose of bringing people together to give back to the North Thompson,” said Sim.

“So many volunteer groups work hard all year round to fundraise, whether it be by holding raffles or collecting bottles in addition to writing grants. These groups are tireless in their efforts to provide additional service to the community. Our group just wants to supplement their efforts and give a financial boost.

“Personally, I get excited to think of the day that we have 100+ people and over the course of a year, being able to raise $20,000 that goes directly back into the community.”

The group’s next meeting is scheduled for the first Thursday in June, with time and details to be determined. For those that are interested, please contact Sim at 250-674-1968 or email shelleysim@telus.net. you can also contact Lynne Frizzle at 250-674-8185 or sl.frizzle@gmail.com.

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