Clear the sidewalk, Council says

No matter whose ultimate jurisdiction the sidewalk is, it's dangerous and Council orders staff to keep it cleared

A blind corner and uncleared sidewalk make for dangerous walking in Kimberley near the Catholic Church.

A blind corner and uncleared sidewalk make for dangerous walking in Kimberley near the Catholic Church.

There comes a time when arguing about whose responsibility something is needs to end and action has to be taken. That was Kimberley City Council’s decision this week as they voted to ask staff to make sure the sidewalk near the Catholic Church is kept clear for pedestrians.

Council had heard about the problem before — the sidewalk runs along Highway 95A near the blind corner leading out of town. When the sidewalk is not cleared, pedestrians must walk on the highway and it is quite tight there.

In most areas of Kimberley, property owners are asked to clear the sidewalk in front of their properties. However, this particular section of sidewalk is in a bit of a no man’s land, says Mayor Don McCormick.

“Part of it is in front of the Catholic Church, part of it is above Ross Street. It is not on the path to any particular destination, but people use it. It is a conduit to downtown for people from Meadowbrook and people do have to walk on the road. We directed staff to clear it. No more arguing over responsibility. We’ve got to do it. We are trying to differentiate convenience and a dangerous situation.”

There are other trails in town that are getting some complaints as well, one being the Peak to Platzl trail.

McCormick has long thought this trail needs more maintenance.

“I believe this is a special purpose trail. It’s a conduit from the Resort into downtown. It was put in to encourage tourists to come down, check out the shops and restaurants. We have built other trails over the years but the special aspects of the Peak to Platzl warrant higher priority.”

McCormick says that at the same time, residents must understand that no trail or sidewalk is going to be perfectly cleared at any time in the winter.

“There is a compromise,” he said.


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