City of Rossland gives go ahead for Iron Colt development permit

A multi-family, 16 unit townhouse project will be built into the hillside overlooking the city

The City of Rossland approved a development permit for a luxury condominium.

The Iron Colt Hill Side Development on Iron Colt Ave. is a high-end multiple-family, four-story dwelling with 16 units built into the hillside overlooking the city.

Cezary Ksiazek purchased the land almost 20 years ago, and has since been waiting for both the inspiration and the right time to develop the much needed living space.

“When I see tourists, I always ask ‘What do you like in Rossland and what you don’t?'” said Ksiazek.

The Rossland developer met one visitor on the slopes of Red Mountain who told Ksiazek that the city was lacking in upscale places to rent or purchase.

“He said it was good news about the Josie Hotel,” said Ksiazek. “But he told me that Rossland needed some luxury condominiums.

“I told him he was talking about something that was very expensive, and he said, ‘That’s what I’m looking for.'”

Ksiazek says the condos will likely accommodate the 55-plus retired professionals, who don’t need to go back and forth to work every day, but want a place that is comfortable and upscale but low maintenance.

At their Apr. 6 council meeting, the city planner’s report read that the Iron Colt development involves excavating the site to situate the building into the hillside, creating a single view side building that maintains a significant proportion of the natural land – 15 per cent of the parcel will be used for the building.

Rossland councillor Janice Nightingale was impressed with the proposal and the design.

“I appreciate the thoroughness that the applicant has provided us documentation with,” said Nightingale. “It’s a diversification of our housing stock. It’s not meant to be affordable, it’s meant to be an alternative to single-family homes. And although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it looks like it meets all the criteria outlined by the design review panel.”

The building will contain underground parking, with a single access/egress point, and separate waste storage and snow storage.

The horizontal massing, which houses the 16 residences, is expressed as four attached “townhouse” forms, each with independent own gable and roof, containing four, 2-3 bedroom units each.

The development permit allows the developer to secure general contractors and sub-contractors as well as find potential buyers for the units, but is not a building permit.

Councillor Terry Miller attended the Design Review Panel meeting and supported the project.

“I thought they did a terrific job of outlining the program especially at the development permit stage. They’ve done a lot of good thinking and a lot of good work. I like it. I think it addresses the density and housing mix in Rossland and that’s a good thing.”

However, the development did have its detractors. Councillors Andy Morel and Stewart Spooner expressed concerns over traffic and access to the property, while Mayor Kathy Moore also questioned whether it fit into the Rossland aesthetic and if it wasn’t better suited for a site at Red Mountain.

According to the Iron Colt architects, “We believe that this new contextual contemporary building will function very well with the surrounding community.

“With all the above in mind, we feel that we are creating a structure that is sustainable, livable, healthy and interesting, one which will remain relevant for years to come.”

Trail Daily Times