City of Nanaimo’s new water plant working

NANAIMO – City avoids boil water advisory with new water treatment plant.

The City of Nanaimo dodged a boil water advisory last week as its new water treatment plan went online.

The City of Nanaimo secured an interim operating permit to run water through its new $71-million South Forks water treatment plant and filtration system.

The plant was ready to go online Nov. 30, but needed to get a lab to confirm water potability before it could get a permit, a press release says.

“This is a major milestone in protecting  Nanaimo’s drinking water for generations to come,” said Bill Sims, the city’s manager of water resources. “The city and entire project team is proud to have been able to prevent yesterday’s weather-related water quality event from reaching the city.”

Construction on the new plant and filtration system began two years ago, prompted by new requirements from Island Health that the city take more stringent measures to prevent waterborne illness.


Nanaimo News Bulletin