City meetings see no change

NANAIMO – Council votes 5-3 to keep meetings on Monday but to get options on altered dates for advanced agendas, delegations.

Nanaimo city council has decided to keep meetings at the Shaw Auditorium on Mondays, with concerns changes would eliminate live television broadcasts.

City council voted 5-3 last week to keep meetings to Mondays, but asked for a staff report on options for advanced agendas, additions and delegation requests.

Coun. Jim Kipp had pitched a schedule switch-up in January, with meetings shuffled from Mondays to Thursdays, earlier agenda deliveries and later delegation deadlines. The shift could not be accommodated by Shaw Cable, which does live television broadcasts of city council meetings.

In a staff report, city manager Ted Swabey also suggested moving Committee of the Whole meetings from the Shaw Auditorium to a board room in the new city annex and no longer having them televised or recorded.

Kipp’s motion failed 5-3.

Councillors Bill Yoachim, Ian Thorpe, Diane Brennan, Wendy Pratt and Mayor Bill McKay voted 5-3 in favour a staff report on options for an advanced agenda under a Monday schedule.


Nanaimo News Bulletin