Grand Kettle Holdings’ Ken Lazeroff, left, and business associate Cary Granley, address the committee of the whole at city council chambers Monday, Nov. 9. Photo: Laurie Tritschler

City council to consider proposed septic system, RV park

The projects came up for discussion at Monday's committee of the whole meeting, Nov. 9

  • Nov. 12, 2020 12:00 a.m.

City council is reviewing applications for proposed development projects on 19th Street and 72nd Avenue.

Each project is contingent on council’s approval, according to applicants who submitted their plans for discussion at Monday’s committee of the whole meeting at city hall, Nov. 9.

The development firm Grand Kettle Holdings (Grand Kettle) asked council to approve an alternative septic system at its proposed subdivision at 6056 19th street. A consultant for Grand Kettle separately asked council to re-zone the firm’s 72nd Avenue lot, east of Extra Foods, for tourist-commercial use.

Chief Executive Officer Ken Lazeroff said the subdivision project hinges on an alternative septic system that would significantly reduce construction costs. These cost savings would make the subdivision’s 19 units more affordable for first-time homebuyers and retirees looking to scale down, he told The Gazette.

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The Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) would carry liquid waste to Grand Forks’ sewer system, containing solid waste in below-ground tanks to be maintained by property owners, Grand Kettle’s associate,

STEPs have been successfully used in private Grand Forks homes for around ten years, according to city development manager Delores Sheets.

Speaking for Grand Kettle, consultant James Kay then asked council to re-zone the company’s 72nd Avenue, adding that the re-zoning is a condition of the lot’s sale. The firm is entertaining an offer on the lot from prospective buyers who want to build a year-round RV park on-site, Kay added.

Grand Kettle is not involved with the proposed RV park, according to Lazeroff.

Representing the prospective buyers, realtor Brian Thate said that an RV park would attract local tourists and retirees.

“We’re going to create a kind of gated community feel to it,” Thate told council.

Councillor Korolek said she was bothered by the idea of up to 100 RV’s in the park at peak times, but qualified that the project would be a boon for local tourism.

“When snowbirds are looking for places in B.C. RV parks, they’re booked solid. You can’t find one to save your soul.”

“Most towns seem to have one,” admitted Mayor Brian Taylor.

Grand Kettle’s STEP and re-zoning applications are now being reviewed by city staff, who will present recommendations to council by year’s end, said a city planning official.

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