Temperatures in Chilliwack are expected to climb to the mid 30s this week, or even higher.

Temperatures in Chilliwack are expected to climb to the mid 30s this week, or even higher.

Chilliwack to see high temps, week of sun

Pull out the desk fans and sunscreen, summer weather is here

It will be nothing but sunny skies this week in Chilliwack.

Environment Canada is forecasting sun from Monday straight through to Saturday, with temperatures gearing up as the week goes on.

Monday’s high is forecast at 24C, as is Tuesday. The high for Wednesday is 25C, Thursday is 26C and Friday is the scorcher with a forecast high of 27C.

All of those forecasted temperatures are quite close to record highs.

The 14-day forecast shows a drop in temperatures after the brief heat wave, offering a little respite expected to be starting around Monday, May 13.

Those looking to cool down at local water parks will have to get creative, as the outdoor spray parks aren’t scheduled to be operating yet.

Fraser Health has several tips for keeping cool, including caring for seniors, children and pets.

Tips to beat the heat

– Spend at least several hours every day in an air-conditioned facility (such as a shopping centre, library, community centre or restaurant).

– Take a cool bath or shower.

– Dress for the weather by wearing loose, lightweight clothing. Protect yourself from the sun by wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.

– Keep your home cool. Open windows (ensuring children are not at risk of falling from them), close shades or blinds, use an air conditioner and prepare meals that do not require an oven.

– Avoid sunburn, stay in the shade or use sunscreen with SPF 30 or more.

– Stay hydrated

– Check on others. People living alone are at high risk of severe heat-related illness. Check in regularly with anyone who lives alone, particularly older people, those with mental illness and anyone else who is unable to leave their un-air conditioned homes, for signs of heat-related illness.

– Never leave children or pets alone in a parked car

– Stay in the shade and out of the hot sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Look for places with lots of shade, such as a park with big trees. Take an umbrella or tent to the beach.

– Cover up. If you are out in the sun during mid-day hours, wear long sleeves, loose-fitting long pants and a hat with a wide brim (baseball caps do not provide enough protection).

– Wear sunglasses that provide UVA and UVB protection. They will provide protection against eye damage.

– Use a sunscreen lotion or cream that is Sun Protection Factor (SPF) 15 or more. If you work outdoors or are planning to be outside most of the day, use one with SPF 30 or more. Put sunscreen on your skin 20 minutes before you go out and reapply 20 minutes after being out in the sun to ensure even application and better protection.

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