Chase RCMP investigate break and enters

RCMP: Criminal activity has decreased but officers have ‘suspects of interest.’

  • Jun. 7, 2013 8:00 a.m.

Chase RCMP officers say they are unable to tell if the break and enters earlier this spring are in any way connected to those which occurred throughout the winter.

While no one has been arrested for the string of thefts, police do have suspects of interest.

Reports of break-ins have quieted down, with a few still happening here and there.

Cpl. Mark Skotnicki said that despite most people having already returned to check on their summer homes, police have not received any major influx in reports.

He assures the department is continuing to investigate these crimes, and the matter is not being shelved.

On the water

The RCMP boat has made its way back into the water, but it will not be going on regular patrols just yet.

The boat is prepped and ready to go at Little River Boat World, but unless otherwise needed, it will  only be used for training purposes at this time.

While most of the RCMP officers are trained in operating the boat, a weekend training session has helped ensure that all Chase RCMP officers will be able to get behind the wheel this summer.

The RCMP are encouraging all those who plan to hit the lake this summer to take a boating course as well, and to practise safe boating while on the water.

Come July the RCMP will be conducting regular patrols of the lake, Skotnicki said.

Once school is out the traffic on the lake tends to pick up; this is the time in which the RCMP try to make their presence most known.

While on the water RCMP will be checking to ensure all boat operators are properly licenced, that the boats are registered, and they are compliant with safety regulations including having enough life jackets on board.

“The government has given lots of time to allow boaters to get compliant, we gave out some tickets last year and will be fully enforcing laws this year,” said Skotnicki.

Those who are not compliant will be subject to fines and charged with the according act.

The RCMP will also be keeping their eyes open for unsafe boating as well as impaired boaters.

Those who are charged with operating a boat while intoxicated, and found guilty in court, are subject to losing their licence for one year.

What most people do not realize, Skotnicki said, is that if found guilty of an infraction of this type on the water, it also means you will be prohibited from driving your car or truck as well.

Local police will also be monitoring Sea-Doo’s this summer as well, handing out tickets to those spotted jumping waves made by boats. The closer the vessel is following the boat, the more severe the ticket will be.

Police have received quite a few calls where Sea-Doos have crashed into the back of speed boats, said Skotnicki.

People tend to forget that they do not come with the brakes a car or truck may have.

“If you need to stop in a hurry there is a delay and there is no emergency brake you can pull,” he said.

Liquor also plays a role in distorting one’s perception.

Enjoy safe ball tourneys

The Chase RCMP would like to encourage ball players to enjoy the upcoming tournaments, but remind them to do so in a safe way.

Skotnicki said that he understand that the warm summer months bring along an increase in alcohol consumption, but asks players to plan ahead.

While the local department supports the tournaments and encourages everyone involved to have fun, he warns that police will be out and tickets will be issued accordingly.

“They should enjoy themselves, but play safe,” Skotnicki said. “Do not drink and drive.”



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