Central Okanagan Regional District addresses concerns about director’s absences

"The Board extends its best wishes to Director Hanson and looks forward to her return..."

Patty Hanson

Patty Hanson

The Central Okanagan Regional District issued a statement Friday addressing director Patty Hanson’s absence from meetings.

“The Board wishes to state that Director Hanson is not under investigation for missing meetings, that the Regional District is treating this matter with the utmost concern and respect and is in no way forcing her back as the media has quoted her stating,” said Gail Given, the board chairperson, noting that the statement is only being made because Hanson herself has gone to the media.

The Board confirmed that Director Hanson has been granted a “leave of the board” pursuant to Section 204 of the Local Government Act for a 60-day period.

“This approved leave was in response to correspondence received from director Hanson.  The reasons for this leave were considered personal and as such the board had taken action to protect director Hanson’s privacy in this regard.”

Given goes on to say that the board’s expectation was that granting this leave would provide director Hanson the time to do what was necessary so that she would be able to resume her duties as the elected representative of the Central Okanagan East Electoral Area and to represent the interests of her constituents at the Board table.

During director Hanson’s leave, Alternate Director Mark Bartyik, has been attending Board meetings and representing the interests of Central Okanagan East.

The 60-day Board approved leave expires on Oct. 21.  The Board will reassess the situation and the need for further extension of the leave at its next meeting on Oct. 25.

:Additional correspondence provided by Director Hanson will also be given consideration at that time,” said Given. “In the meantime, the Board extends its best wishes to Director Hanson and looks forward to her return.”

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