Cell service in Vavenby and area

Cell service in Vavenby and are. After a long wait, Vavenby finally has got cell service.

By Robyn Rexin

The Times

After a long wait, Vavenby finally has got cell service. With Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD) Area A representative Tim Pennell offering the site for the tower on behalf of the TNRD, and with an infrastructure agreement between Telus and the provincial government the ball started rolling and cell service was put in.

The tower is beside the area’s TV site. Eventually TV service and other pre-existing services such as Mercuryspeed will move over to the new power supply. The power line has not yet been finished but should be completed by next week.

The use of cell phones became operational on Saturday, Feb. 11. On Sunday John Gerber started the morning off at Vavenby Christian Church by telling the congregation to turn off their cell phones so that the church service could begin.

Residents have mixed feelings about having cell service. They feel it will be good in case of emergencies such as breaking down on the highway. One resident felt that it shows we are up to date with the rest of the world and people won’t look at us as a backwoods town.

Most residents are upset that their cell phones don’t work because they must be 3G or better. Older ones won’t work so many citizens need to buy new phones.






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