Cause of house fire not known

Fireball consumes house, one pet dies, resident escapes.

Firefighters have not determined the cause of a blaze which destroyed a home on Paradise Road last week.

The fire department received the call on Sept. 5 at 3:30 p.m. A total of 22 firefighters responded, but by the time they reached the scene, the house was already engulfed in flames.

“When we first arrived, the fireball was at least twice the height of the building,” said assistant fire chief Chad Gartrell.

As a result, firefighters worked to keep the fire from spreading to neighbouring properties.

Gartrell said nobody was in the house, but one pet inside was lost as a result of the fire.

The following day, crews and fire inspectors were at the house once again but were unable to determine why the fire had started.

Gartrell believes the construction of the old building was a factor.

“It’s a building that had all sawdust insulation,” he said.

Outside of the house, a tractor beside the building was damaged, but a fifth-wheel trailer nearby was protected as crews worked to prevent it from igniting from the radiant height.

Gartrell said the fire appears to have started on the outside of the house, although it was not deliberately set.


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