A sign has gone up to restrict activity on Carmi.Mark Brett/Western News

A sign has gone up to restrict activity on Carmi.Mark Brett/Western News

Carmi property off limits due to extreme fire hazard

Penticton Fire Rescue has issued an activity restriction on a Carmi Road property

Due to extreme fire risk a 75-acre section of land in the 1900-block of Carmi Avenue is closed to all traffic until further notice.

Under authority of Penticton Fire Rescue and an order by chief Larry Watkinson, the City of Penticton last week enacted a bylaw to restrict activity in the region.

“It was brought to our attention by local residents there were dirt bikes and trucks 4X4ing on that property and the danger they could making sparks and creating a wildfire in these extreme hazard conditions,” said deputy chief Chris Forster. “So we’re very concerned about that as well and that precipitated us going out there and analyzed and assessed the situation.

“What makes it even more extreme is there are houses on all four sides of the property and a wildfire could be disastrous.”

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He added the property owner has been advised an is in agreement with the order.

Signs have since been place on the Carmi and Lawrence Avenue sides of the property advising people to stay off the property.

There is also the telephone number of the fire department for people to report trespassing violations.

“We’ve advised our dispatch if they do get a call or complaint to contact not only us but the RCMP as well and hopefully we can catch them,” said Forster. “We not ignorant of the fact (the difficulty catching trespassers) but we can only take the steps we can that are within our ability, that’s the best we can do.”

First offence is a written warning and subsequent violation would result in a $200 fine.

As well during the extreme fire hazard conditions locally, all open burning is banned, including the lakeside, beach fire pits.

Backyard barbecues with propane or briquettes are still okay to use according to Forster.

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