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Creston RCMP responded to 76 calls for assistance, many involving neighbours' disputes, from December 1 - January 7, Staff Sgt. Ryan Currie said on Tuesday.

Creston RCMP responded to 76 calls for assistance, many involving neighbours’ disputes, from December 1 – January 7, Staff Sgt. Ryan Currie said on Tuesday.

December 31

• Police were unable to locate or identify a suspicious male who approached a female outside a Creston business. The woman was not harmed.

• When police found a reportedly suspicious male walking into traffic on Highway 3 near Kitchener they assisted in finding him transportation home.

• A honking battle between drivers outside a Creston business required police intervention.

• All 25 drivers stopped at a check stop in town were found to be sober.

• Two underage youths were given warnings for possession of liquor and cannabis.

• Police separated two parties in a domestic assault in town and charges are pending.

• Police assisted EHS with a highly intoxicated youth, who was taken to hospital for treatment.

January 1

• An intoxicated female who attended the police station looking for her partner was transported to safe accommodation.

• Police were again called to assist with the same male reported to be walking on Highway 3 near Kitchener on December 31.

January 2

• A vehicle was reported stolen in Creston.

• A local business had graffiti spray-painted at the rear of the building.

• A reported assault at the Old Ferry Landing was investigated.

• Charges are pending after police were called to a domestic assault in Erickson.

January 3

• Police found that a person was not using a firearm carelessly as reported by a neighbour in Creston.

• Police were called to a landlord-tenant dispute in Kitchener.

•An unattended fire in a pit in Lister was reported.

January 4

• An assault involving two adult males in Creston resulted in a response by police.

• A driver on Highway 3 near Kootenay Pass was injured when a tree fell on his vehicle.

• Obscenities were scratched into a vehicle at a Creston business.

• Police intervened when a landlord shut the power off to a tenant’s residence.

January 5

• A lighter and rolling papers were reported stolen in Riondel.

• A tow truck was reported to be driving unsafely on Highway 3.

• Police were called to assist CBSA at the Kingsgate border crossing when an intoxicated American male was stopped. His license was suspended, the vehicle was impounded and he was returned to the US.

• Police received a noise complaint in Creston.

January 6

• Police were called on an on-going noise dispute between neighbors. Further action will be taken to quell the issue.

• An intervention in a landlord-tenant dispute was required.

• Patrols were unable to locate a suspect reported to be entering property and vehicles in Erickson.

• No criminal activity was found after police responded to a report of a suspicious male at a Creston business.

• Profanity-laced phone calls to a Creston senior were reported. Police have identified the caller and action will be taken.

• A ticket was issued to a continuous offender of noise bylaws.

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