Sukhi Gill is the B.C. Vision Candidate running in the riding of Abbotsford West. (Special to The Star)

Sukhi Gill is the B.C. Vision Candidate running in the riding of Abbotsford West. (Special to The Star)

Candidate Q&A: Sukhi Gill

She is the B.C. Vision Candidate running in the riding of Abbotsford West

  • Oct. 17, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Sukhi Gill, B.C. Vision

Realtor, age 56


I am Sukhwinder Kaur Gill, born in village Salar, Malerkolta and district, Sangrur in a poor farmer family. For higher education, I joined Punjabi University, Patialia and finished my post graduation.

I have been living in the Fraser Valley for the last 20 years. I have been in the real estate business since the last 15 years, operating in B.C. My passion for volunteering is always pulling me to help the community, arranging help in terms of kitchen ware, furniture for new immigrants and international students. I

am present secretary of the Mata Sulakhni Foundation operative in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, working for the uplifting of vulnerable populations such as single women and immigrant farm workers.



Phone: 778-549-8321



To help voters make their choices on election day, the Aldergrove Star is asking local candidates a series of questions on issues of importance, inviting each candidate to participate.

They were asked to a ‘yes’, a ‘no,’ or a ‘don’t know’ (Y,N,D) response to EACH of the numbered questions for the grid published in the Oct. 15 edition of The Star.

Candidates were also invited to expand on ANY OR ALL of the questions (to a maximum of 250 words each), with one of their choice to be included in our print edition on Oct. 22. Here’s all their replies.


1. Should the province provide B.C. residents with a universal basic income?

Continued shut down of business and unemployment in this COVID-19 era, universal basic income or alternative is must for the survival of the common person. There are considerable issue with UBI though as it is a massive expenditure of giverment money and the issues of tax around everyone having a base income. I feel though it will eventually be necessary as our society advances.


2. Should the B.C. government allow more retail cannabis outlets?

No. The impact of cannabis on the young generation is bad and it makes them addicted. lt increases the impact on’prouincial roads in terms of incidents.



3. In the era of Black Lives Matter, should B.C. increase the penalties for hate speech?

This is a hard question, on one hand hate speech is a large issue that shouldn’t be tolerated on the other hand if we limit hate speech, what else will end up limited?

I feel that instead of increased penalties we need to work on educating our youth to reduce or eliminate the prejudice we have in our society. This is the most feasible way to reduce hate speech and racism.


4. Should the B.C. government speed up the widening of Highway One into the Eastern Fraser Valley?

lt is bumper to bumper every day from early morning to evening. Rush on freeway causes high traffic on alternative 56 avenue and Fraser highway too.


5. Should the planned SkyTrain extension through Langley be extended to Abbotsford in the near future?

Yes, it speeds up the traffic on the freeway helping to mitigate the travel issues to Abbotsford and the congestion felt on the roads.


6. Should the provincial government put the fight against climate change above the economy?



7. Is lowering taxes the best route to economic recovery from the COVID-19 recession?

I feel it is the job of the Federal government to handle issues such as climate change versus the economy, but as a residence of BC I believe we should do our part and keep a thriving environment.

The issue of economy versus environment is that it seems that they are thought of as mutually exclusive while I believe we can have a thriving economy while supporting our environment.

The way to each there is as yet unknown to me but I believe it is possible.


8. Should the B.C. government restrict large, industrial cannabis greenhouses from operating in the ALR?

No. it is more noisy than the revenue generation’ The smell of cannabis attracts potential users and creates addiction in the society. No doubt it create revenue but society, especially the younger generation is more sensitive.


9. Should the province divert funding away from policing and towards social and mental health services?

Policing is a critical issue in our society, but there does need to be more mental health services as that seems to be a critical issue in recent times.

For Abbotsford the police and managed by the city so the question of the provinces interfering is less relevant. Both services should be provided adequate funding nonetheless as they are vital aspects to our society.


10. Would you support more public schools moving to a year-round education model?

Yes. Common opportunities for all. A common education system for every kid. I create values of social living, tolerance and good character development.


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