A vehicle crashed off the embankment of Harrison West Forest Service Road. Kent-Harrison Search and Rescue technicians were able to rescue the occupant and tow the vehicle. (Photo/Kent-Harrison Search and Rescue)

Busy weekend for Kent-Harrison Search and Rescue

One injured hiker flow to Abbotsford Airport from steep gully

  • May. 18, 2021 12:00 a.m.

Kent-Harrison Search and Rescue reported a busy weekend, which included rescuing hikers, retrieving vehicles and responding to reports of a stranded boat.

According to a statement from KHSAR, a total of 16 Search and Rescue workers from Agassiz-Harrison and Mission and a helicopter deployed to rescue two hikers on Bear Mountain; the initial calls came in at about 8:40 p.m.. The hikers had difficulty descending the trail, and after an hour-and-a-half of trying to descend, they chose to follow a creek, which led them to a very steep gully and led to one of the hikers falling and suffering multiple injuries.

Two SAR technicians were lowered to the hikers, where they gave medical attention to the injured hiker before the hikers were airlifted out of the gully at 3:50 a.m. and taken to Abbotsford Airport to receive help from B.C. Emergency Health Services.

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“This was a very difficult technical rescue,” read a statement from KHSAR. “If (the helicopter squadron) had not been able to attend, SAR members would have lowered themselves to the subjects and spent the night with them. The extrication would then have been at first light using HETS (helicopter long-line).”

On Saturday, KHSAR responded to an early morning call with reports of a one-occupant vehicle down an embankment at 42 kilometres on Harrison West Forest Service Road. The occupant was safely extracted from the vehicle and brought back up the embankment using rescue rope rigging. The vehicle as stowed.

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“Kent Harrison SAR reminds people using the forest service roads to drive cautiously and follow standard road traffic protocols; stay clear of soft edges and don’t cut corners,” The KHSAR stated.

The disabled boat call on Harrison Lake was based on old information; when KHSAR responded, the three occupants in the boat managed to slowly move their boat back to Harrison Hot Springs, where they were found, safe.

KHSAR reminds everyone that there is no charge and if you need help, call 911 and ask for RCMP.

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