The District of 100 Mile House office. (File photo)

The District of 100 Mile House office. (File photo)

Business owner says District of 100 Mile House can do better

'I would expect a little more courtesy and diplomacy'

Sandi Sillito, owner of The Boondocks Restaurant in Interlakes, heard about Williams Lake purchasing a static electromagnetic sanitizer in anticipation of services re-opening and, having access to two, decided to reach out to the District of 100 Mile House.

She had what she called a 10-second conversation and was surprised to be told that the district wasn’t interested somewhat abruptly.

Sillito says she was not expecting a big enthusiastic yes but thought they’d at least ask more questions. She also says she found the interaction she had “unprofessional” adding the person didn’t give their name. Sillito contacted mayor Mitch Campsall about the interaction afterwards.

Campsall confirmed with the Free Press that they received the call as well as a follow-up email and said the district has no need for the device at the moment.

“The District already has access to an electromagnetic sanitizer machine and hence has no need for additional capacity at this time.”

Chief Administrative Officer Roy Scott added that they’re usually used in bigger settings like Rec Centres, gyms or inside confined spaces like busses, adding that the District doesn’t own the South Cariboo Rec Centre.

Campsall apologized for the unprofessional reception Sillito received on the phone.

“We apologize for this unfortunate interaction. The matter has been addressed with the employee as any other personnel issue would be addressed between employee and employer.”

Sillito says the interaction ruined her day and her opinion of politics in 100 Mile House.

“As a resident and local business owner, I would expect a little more courtesy and diplomacy when trying to reach my municipal office.”

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