Bus service could run to Hope

BC Transit's 'wish list' includes route along Haig Highway from Agassiz to Hope

One day, in the not-so-far future, you could hop on a city bus in Agassiz and end up in Hope. At least, that’s the plan.

BC Transit’s senior regional transit manager, Johann VanSchaik, has visited councils at both the District of Kent and Harrison Hot Springs recently, to roll out a future transit plan.

That plan outlines foreseeable trip usage between all points from Hope to Vancouver, and includes two new lines linking Hope, Chilliwack and Agassiz.

While VanSchaik stressed that the plan is not set in stone, and more of a “wish list”, he has hope that the Agassiz to Hope line has potential.

There is a great deal of need for public transit linking Seabird Island into Agassiz, and Seabird Island to Chilliwack, he told Harrison council on Monday night.

Making things more promising is the “two-way demand” that exists at Seabird Island because of the technical school, which draws students from Hope and Chilliwack.

While in discussions about linking Seabird, they realized there are small communities along the Haig Highway, including Ruby Creek, which would benefit from transit. All of that adds up to potential for ridership, he said.

The potential line between Agassiz and Hope would run every 60 minutes in the off peak. Another line is being looked at from Chilliwack to Hope along Highway 1, which would run every 60 minutes during peak times.

An increase in the line between Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs would bump trips to every 30 minutes during peak times.

Other changes would be seen more quickly in the Chilliwack area, with the changes to this end of the map slated as fifth and sixth priorities. That places the possible changes in the medium-range term of a 25-year plan.

Some of the things local residents asked for were increased evening hours, and better linkage to the Greyhound station in Chilliwack.




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