Burton school reopened last September for unique education experience

Outdoors and out of the box learning via innovation and hands-on experience


Last September 2014, Burton School re-opened its doors after closing due to population decline. It shares the space with the Burton Community Learning Centre, which offers programs and services to promote learning and wellness.


According to its website, the academy features an “innovative Academy program in Outdoor Education and Entrepreneurship, 20 students in Grades 10-12 are making the halls of Burton School ring again with the sound of student voices, and filling their outdoor and indoor classrooms alike with energy and enthusiasm.”


Teacher Dorian Boswell instructs on many real-life, tangible skills such as ground search and rescue, first aid, entrepreneurship. He has headed up the RollyBlades fishing lure business with students which began in 2013 and continued on with it for a second profitable year at the Vancouver Boat Show.


The Burton Community Learning Centre is led by a group of volunteers, The Centre is available to Arrow Lakes residents for activities related to fitness, education and learning, community information and services, food security and arts and culture.

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