Budget variances include Keremeos landfill

Regional district budget variance report notes Keremeos landfill will probably run a deficit this year

  • Jul. 21, 2014 9:00 a.m.

Budget Variance Report

The total year to date cost for legal fees across all regional district departments is $47,000, compared to the total budget for legal fees at $182,000. Expectations are for expenses to meet budget for the most part, except in the case of Building Inspection, where current expenditures on legal fees are at 89 per cent of budget. It is expected that year-end legal expenditures for building inspection will be approximately $9,000 over the $20,000 budgeted for 2014, attributable to the Kennedy Lake project.

Trouble at Keremeos Transfer Station

RDOS Public Works is predicting a year end deficit at the Keremeos landfill. The estimated year end deficit is approximately $43,000, resulting from an unbudgeted prior year’s deficit of $19,000 and overages in the 2014 scale project of approximately $25,000.  Additional work performed when installing the scale included installation of guardrails, fencing, and increased computerization of the scale house.

It was also noted that with a limited schedule of Sunday openings, significant lineups and wait times were being experienced.

Area “B” Director George Bush noted that he was hearing from constituents who were really upset with the system .

“Some are refusing to go to there now, and just dumping stuff. We need to look at the whole system,” he said.

Chief Administrative Officer Bill Newell advised there was no money in the budget for additional opening hours.

“We’ll have to get the directors together to decide what to do,” he said.


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