The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen has approved the public private competition for the operations of two landfills. (Contributed)

Bids open to operate South Okanagan landfills

Process in place for new contracts for Campbell Mountain Landfill and Oliver Landfill

The Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen has approved a public and private bid competition to run the Campbell Mountain and Oliver Landfills.

The regional district will send the new contract to tender and the only variable is cost, with the board’s approval, the RDOS can also submit a shadow bid for consideration while ensuring a fair process for private firms.

The current landfill agreement expires in May, 2022.

The recipient will be based on the total cost of the award to the regional district, which is the submitted bid price plus the cost of administering the contract.

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To ensure transparency and confidentiality are maintained throughout the process, the regional district has established the following measures:

• A buying team led by the manager of engineering services. The buying team and the purchasing/communication team will prepare the tender documents, assist in reviewing the bids received, and assist in making a recommendation for award of contract.

• A selling team led by the manager of operations. The selling team will prepare a bid in response to the tender to operate the Campbell Mountain Landfill and the Oliver Landfill and is the team that will, if they are awarded the contract, operate the landfill or landfills.

• A purchasing/communications team led by the manager of financial services. This team is responsible for final preparation of the tender documents, administering the process during the tender period, evaluating the bids received, make a recommendation for award of contract, and communicating information about the public private competition process to staff, the public and the board of directors.

All members of each team have signed confidentiality agreements and confidentiality between the buying and purchasing/communications team and the selling team will be maintained throughout the tender process and 24 months following contract award.

“Our teams are dedicated to ensuring the RDOS takes all possible precautions to ensure this process is as fair as possible for all parties,” says Jim Zaffino, manager of financial services and purchasing/ communications team lead for the regional district. “The RDOS is striving to be transparent in its process by informing potential bidders and the public, it will be submitting a shadow bid and is also using every available avenue to ensure the process is as fair as possible for everyone.”

Additional confidentiality measures include security-enhanced filing and data centres, designated team meeting rooms throughout the main RDOS office building, separate legal teams and separate consultants required to sign confidentiality agreements.

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