Bella is tops for Maple Ridge dogs

City's website offers pet trivia

Labrador retrievers most popular dog in Maple Ridge. (Wikimedia Commons)

Labrador retrievers most popular dog in Maple Ridge. (Wikimedia Commons)

If you choose the name Bella for your beloved dog, you’re in good company in Maple Ridge. Because according to one of the infographics pages on the City of Maple Ridge’s open government portal website, more dog owners (59) have chosen Bella as their names for their prized pooches than any other.

If Max is the name for your four-legged friend, you’re also in good company because that’s the next popular name with 48 of the 3,909 dog owners in Maple Ridge having chosen that name. Daisy is the third-most popular with 47 dogs with that name, while Molly is the fourth-most popular with 45.

Those are just the most trendy names however. People have also chosen Pebbles, Remi, Moose and Jasmine, Scout, Boo, Frankie, Otis, Rufus, Dolly and Diesel (for their dog, not their truck).

Harley is the name for 17 dogs while there are seven each of Bandits, Winstons and Louies, 10 Tysons and five dogs named Snoopy.

The details are in the Infographics part of the city’s new open government portal that displays a raft of trivia.

Did you know there are 1,953 female dogs, within the city and only three more (1,956) male dogs.

Did you know that the old favourite, the Labrador retriever, is Maple Ridge’s most popular breed with 428 Labs registered? Next, it’s the tiny shih tzu with 201 of the little creatures here while there are 188 chihuahuas in Maple Ridge homes. The police breed, the German shepherd, is the next most popular, with 180 people owning a shepherd.

If you want to be distinct, you could consider getting a toy-sized affenhuahua. There’s only one of those in Maple Ridge although there are 11 puggles, 111 poodles, four doodles, (distinct from the 33 golden doodles and 38 labradoodles), six schnoodles, four morkies and at least one snorkie.

Apparently, there are only a handful of pit bulls, of various types, in Maple Ridge though there is one wolf.

The city’s new open government portal, launched in 2017, offers a myriad of minutae related to Maple Ridge, with the infographics pages displaying visually appealing data. In 2018, there were 61 requests to put in some kind of traffic calming on a Maple Ridge street.

Another infograph shows where movies are being shot, while others show police and fire stats

The open government portal was launched in 2017 to engage citizens and to increase accessibility, transparency and accountability, a result of the open government task force created by the previous city council.

The open government portal was created to engage citizens and to increase accessibility, transparency and accountability, the city says on its website.

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