B.C. First Party seeks members in Cariboo Chilcotin riding

There’s a new kid on the political block.

  • Jan. 27, 2011 5:00 a.m.

There’s a new kid on the political block.

Lead organizer for the B.C. First Party in the local riding, Jack Hackett, is seeking members for a Cariboo/Chilcotin B.C. First riding association.

The only catch is that, according to the party’s constitution, local organizers must sign up at minimum 25 constituency members in order to be considered viable before the party’s inaugural convention April 9 in Kamloops.

Hackett is aware of seven members who are signed up; however, most of those are from the southern areas of the riding. Currently, there are no members from Williams Lake but he hopes to change that.

“We don’t want to form the constituency in 100 Mile House. We want to represent all of the constituents,” he says.

The self-described centrist party aims to attract voters who see neither the NDP nor the Liberal parties as viable options to govern.

It is neither pro-business nor pro-union, according to Hackett. Rather both are seen as important contributors to B.C. One of the party’s hallmarks is the creation of a B.C. constitution that would set in stone the expectations of the ruling party. As well as the creation of a “workable” recall initiative, it would set limits on government spending, create perametres for the use of referendums (they would be used to determine policy more frequently), allow for secret ballots in the legislature, and change the method and amount individuals and organizations can donate to political parties. The provincial tax structure would be reviewed and the HST and the carbon tax would be cancelled.

At the party’s convention executive members will be chosen but a party leader won’t be elected until later through a mail-in ballot under the policy of one member, one vote. Any leader would have to win the majority in each constituency and the majority of all constituencies.

Individuals interested in finding out more information on the party can visit www.bcfirst.com. For information on the local riding association contact Jack Hackett at 250-395-5312 or e-mail jjjhack ett@shaw.ca.

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