Audible signals planned for highway crosswalk

Garry Laursen, District of 100 Mile House community services director, is fielding inquiries or concerns about the intention to install audible signals at the intersection of Highway 97 and Horse Lake Road.

Earlier this year, the district met with CNIB representatives who had concerns about the intersection crosswalks and requested the installation of audible signals.

During last year’s construction phase, the indication was there wouldn’t be a crosswalk across the highway, as the underpass tunnel would be used.

At that time, CNIB representatives were satisfied as long as no crosswalk was planned for the site.

However, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure decided to include crosswalks due to liability reasons, but the district was not informed of this decision.

After some consultation, the ministry has agreed to complete the signal installation, which is expected to be completed this summer, at no cost to the municipality as long as the district sends a letter of request and support for the audible signals, and provides confirmation of public consultation.

When it came to council last month for comment, Mayor Mitch Campsall said he would like to see high-quality signals instead of the ones that just chirp.

“It’s a safety issue because the birds are mimicking the chirping sounds and it’s a serious safety issue.”

Because the signals run 24 hours seven days a week and seem quiet during the day when there’s the background of the traffic, they may sound loud at night, and this is why Laursen is compiling inquiries and concerns.

He says the signal would be up to ministry standards and he’s taking information because the audible signals do make noise.

However, he doesn’t think it will be much of an issue because there aren’t any residential properties near the intersection.

Noting there are audible signals at First and Fourth streets and there are some residences where there is some at night, Laursen says there haven’t been any concerns voiced about those.

Laursen can be reached at 250-395-2434 or



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