Ashcroft RCMP detachment police report

Lost items waiting to be claimed, and a driver whose situation goes from bad to worse

Area landmark destroyed

On June 22 police received a call from Conservation Officers on Hwy. 1 north of Spences Bridge, who reported a fire near the highway. It was put out by the officers with the help of local residents. On July 4 police received a call from the owners of Paulos Fruit Stand, reporting that the fire had been at the fruit stand which has stood by the highway for decades. There are no suspects or witnesses.

Don’t drug and drive

On July 1 at 3:40 pm, police received a call of a possibly impaired driver at the picnic area at the Subway in Cache Creek. A male and female, holding a three-month-old baby, were seen smoking marijuana. The vehicle departed towards Kamloops and police attended, but could not locate it. No licence plate number had been obtained, so there was no way to identify it.

Lost property office (1)

On July 1 at 6:30 pm a male called the detachment to say that he had found valuables near the picnic tables on Evans Rd. in Ashcroft, near the slough. The items recovered included jewellery, watches, and a violin. If anyone can identify the items, they can be claimed at the Ashcroft detachment.

Bad doggie

On July 1 at 10:00 pm, a female in 16 Mile who was walking near the fruit stand with her granddaughter reported that they were approached by an aggressive dog, which came at them growling and with its teeth bared. The dog was called back to its property by its owner, and there were no other problems reported, although the complainant felt that she would have been attacked had the owner not called the dog back.

Same song, different day

On July 2 police received a call from an Ashcroft female who believes that mail is being stolen from her post office box, as she has not had a phone bill for two months. She also believes that personal mail has been stolen, and that the person responsible has stolen her identification and is using it to collect her mail. This is the 22nd such unfounded complaint this person has made since 2008.

Distressed doggie

On July 2 at 2:30 pm there was a report of a dog in potential distress in the back seat of a car parked near the Royal Lepage office in Ashcroft. The vehicle was pointed out and when the female driver returned she told police she had only left the dog for five to ten minutes, that the windows were partially down, and that water had been left in the car for the dog. The female was given a warning about leaving animals in cars in hot weather.

Lost property office (2)

On July 3 at 3:00 pm a tan-coloured bag was dropped off at the detachment. It was found outside the Bear Claw Lodge in Cache Creek and contained clothing and other items, but nothing that would identify the owner. Anyone who can identify the bag and its contents can retrieve it at the Ashcroft detachment.

From bad to worse

On July 3 at 4:30 pm, a call was received regarding a possible impaired driver. A minivan had been seen backing into a fence on Government St. in Ashcroft. The driver got out and took a look at the damage, then drove away. Police made patrols for the vehicle and located it at Big Sky Station. Police spoke with the driver, who said he had just got into a fight with a male in Ashcroft. The driver smelled as if he had alcohol on his breath, and admitted that he had been drinking. After failing two tests he received a 90-day driving suspension and a ticket for failing to remain at the scene of an accident, and had his car impounded for 7 days.

Definitely not room service

On July 5 at 7:45 am, a male staying at the Sandman in Cache Creek phoned to say he had been disturbed at 6:55 am by someone pounding on his door and shouting. He reported the incident to the front desk, and was told that a group of unidentified people were hanging around the Heartland Restaurant and it might have been them. There were no other complaints.

Lock up your vehicles

On July 5 at 9:50 am, a Cache Creek female called to say that during the night someone had gone through the centre consoles of both her vehicles—which were parked near her home, and unlocked—and made a mess. The vehicles contained a few valuables, but they were not taken. There were no other reports of such a disturbance in the area, and no witnesses.

Desperate measures

On July 6 at 3:11 pm, Emergency Services requested an assist from the RCMP as a female had overdosed by ingesting a large quantity of pills in her hotel room at the Sage and Sand in Cache Creek. She was taken to Ashcroft Hospital, where police attended. The woman was semi-conscious, and said that she wanted to take her life. She was transferred to Kamloops the same day.

Not between the lines

On July 6 at 6:00 pm, a female called to report that a semi-truck travelling north on Hwy. 1 south of Cache Creek was all over the road. No licence plate number was given and police were unable to locate the truck. No other complaints were received.

Good judgement

On July 7 at 12:17 am a Cache Creek female called to report that her partner was intoxicated and riding his motorized vehicle. She said that the male was very angry and had possibly gone to the apartments on Collins Rd., and added that she did not want him to come back as he had a habit of taking her money and drinking. The male was not located that night, but police spoke with him in the morning. He said that he had got a little too drunk and decided to take himself away from the house.

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