Mark Sippola took these photos of asbestos bags that were dumped along Keystone Road while out walking on Monday, July 13. Submitted photo.

Asbestos bags dumped along Mission road

Keystone Road has seen illegal dumping before, says local man

  • Jul. 15, 2020 12:00 a.m.

An unknown party decided to illegally dump their asbestos bags along the busy Keystone Road, rather than pay to use the Mission landfill on the adjacent Dewdney Trunk Road.

A local man, Mark Sippola, said that he noticed the sealed-garbage bags with asbestos-warning labels while out walking on Monday, July 13.

“I could see that it was all hazmat materials,” Sippola said. “It’s got to be an asbestos-abatement company that did it.”

He said he also witnessed people throwing trash along the road a couple days prior.

“There’s a lot of dumping that goes on here,” he said. “The dump is not that far away, I don’t understand why people have no respect.

“They just chucked it out of their vehicle into the bush.”

The site has been cordoned off with yellow tape for removal.

Penalties under the federal and provincial laws enable authorities to levy fines up to $1 million for illegally dumping asbestos. An offending charge could also land someone a six-month prison term.

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