Chris Pieper

Chris Pieper

Armstrong denies medical marijuana shop request

Starbuds Canada asked to open storefront in city

Until it happens legally, Armstrong won’t allow medical marijuana access centres to set up shop.

Starbuds Canada, which bills itself as “a proudly Canadian company that provides access to medical cannabis for those in need,” presented to council with the hopes of opening a storefront in the city.

“The current federal cannabis mail delivery system is proving highly inefficient,” said Mark Conlin, Starbuds media manager, in a presentation to council. “Patients are now voting with their feet, walking into dispensaries in increasing numbers.

“Their message is clear: they want storefront access to their medication just as any medical patient deserves.”

According to its website – – there are Starbuds dispensaries in Vernon, Kelowna, Salmon Arm, West Kelowna and two in Kamloops with a third “coming.”

“When I asked him why they wanted to come into a small community, he didn’t have an answer,” said Coun. Paul Britton.

Mayor Chris Pieper said the city’s bylaws do not support medical marijuana dispensaries.

“We live by the letter of the law,” said Pieper. “In the City of Armstrong, the answer is no. We don’t allow it until it becomes legal, and when that happens we will adjust our bylaws.”

Council voted unanimously against allowing Starbuds to set up a store.

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