ALR changes questioned by town council

Clearwater town council does not support the changes proposed to the Agricultural Land Reserve

Clearwater town council does not support the changes proposed by the provincial government to the Agricultural Land Reserve.

During their May 6 meeting, councillors voted to request that SILGA (Southern Interior Local Government Association) send letters to the Union of BC Municipalities, Minister of Agriculture Norm Letnick, Minister of Community, Sports and Cultural Development Coralee Oakes, Premier Christy Clark, and the Leader of the Official Opposition, with copies to all B.C. local governments, stating their opposition to the proposed alterations.

The action was taken in response to letters from the mayors of Burnaby and Richmond.

Mayor John Harwood said that he was involved with the ALR when it was first set up in the early 1970s.

“We are allowing things to go through without consultation,” he said. “Any tinkering could become a slippery slope.”

Chief administrative officer Leslie Groulx noted that nearly 1,600 ha within the District’s boundaries are in the ALR, which is quite a high percentage for a small community.

Mutual aid agreements renewed

Town council voted to renew mutual aid agreements that Clearwater has with Blackpool and Vavenby volunteer fire departments.

In her report, CAO Leslie Groulx noted that there are no direct costs to the agreements. However, the fire department that requests assistance must pay all out-of-pocket costs to the responding fire department, including fuel, oil, lost or damaged equipment, food for the personnel, etc.

Staff have met with the Blackpool and Vavenby fire chiefs, plus the TNRD manager of community services, and they all are in favor of renewing the agreements.

Repairs to Dunn Lake Road

Council approved spending up to $15,000 to improve ditching along Dunn Lake Road.

This was after a tour by council members of problem areas along Dunn Lake and Candle Creek roads.

A report from public works superintendent Jared Brounstein recommended spending up to $70,000 on repairs to Dunn Lake Road.

A recent audit described portions of the road as “falling apart,” Brounstein said.

Lack of ditching is resulting in water crossing the paved surface as well as areas where the shoulder has become soft.


Highway barriers along Dunn Lake Road are starting to lean and are being undermined by water.



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