Access to the Alki Creek Trails is closed off until further notice due to issues the landowner was experiencing with liability and people leaving burning campfires and garbage. Photo taken from

Alki Creek Trailhead gated and closed until further notice

Landowners had issues with liability, garbage and campfires

  • Apr. 13, 2021 12:00 a.m.

According to a recent website post, the Kimberley Trails Society (KTS) has said that as of Nov. 1, 2020 the Alki Creek Trailhead has been gated and is closed until further notice.

There is an access road at the base of the trail head that is on private land, and until recently the owners of this land have for years allowed people access to the trail.

However, after experiencing some issues with users on this portion of their property, the owner has decided to close it off, for liability reasons.

They said that this was mostly due to the continual trash they’ve had to pick up, as well as numerous unattended campfires they’ve had to extinguish, some burning despite active wildfire bans.

The landowner also said that they were concerned about the liability they would incur as a result of leaving unfettered access open to their property and said signage they put up last summer did nothing to resolve these issues.

KTS said that the landowner was proactive and reached out to them last fall in order to inform the society of the changes. KTS added the landowner said that they were “open to coming up with an arrangement that provides access to the trailhead through our property for KTS members.”

While KTS and the provincial government are working with the landowner to try to find a solution that would re-open access to the Alki Creek Trail, no such arrangement has been made at this time, so they ask that people please respect the closure of this access road until further notice.

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