Alcohol found stashed in the bush

New Hazelton responded to over 200 calls during the past two weeks.

  • Jun. 13, 2012 5:00 p.m.

New Hazelton responded to over 200 calls during the past two weeks.

On May 26, 2012. RCMP responded to a complaint of a disturbance in the village of Gitsegukla. A male who is on no contact conditions with a female was arrested for breaching his conditions, forcible confinement and an assault. The male was held in custody for a J.J.P Hearing.

On May 27th, police responded to a suicidal male who had walked into the Kispiox River. The male then came out of the water and stated he was not suicidal but was depressed. The male was transported to the hospital to speak to a doctor.

On May 28th, police attended the village of Kispiox for a complaint made of people fighting. Two males had been fighting when one male picked up a rock and hit the other male in the head. The suspect male was arrested for assault causing bodily harm.

On May 31rst, police responded to a vehicle in the water west of Gitsegukla. The driver was able to get out of his vehicle and was located at his home in Kitwanga. A witness stated that they heard him state he had too much to drink.

June 1rst, police located an intoxicated male stumble out of the bushes in Kispiox. The male fled back into the bushes when he saw the police. Police made a search of the woods and located and arrested the male who is known to be on abstain conditions.

A second intoxicated male was located and transported to cells where he was released when sober. The search also revealed a large amount of alcohol hidden in the bushes which was subsequently destroyed.

June 9th, police received a complaint that a male was suicidal and family members were currently out making patrols for the male. One family member located the male who then fled in his truck. Police made patrols and started to form a search party when the male was located and transported to the hospital.


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