The upkeep of the road leading to the Penticton Airport is being questioned. (Photo courtesy Google Street View)

Airport Road needs work

Letter writer wants to see Airport Road upgraded

  • Nov. 12, 2017 12:00 a.m.

A letter from a Penticton resident on the poor condition of Airport Road has provoked a response from the City of Penticton.

In his letter (published in the Nov. 10 Western News), Donald Deeprose called the road “an utter disgrace to our fair city,” pointing out the lack of street lights, patching and faded yellow centre line.

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“It is surely a white-knuckle experience driving to and from the airport at night and much, much more-so on a rainy night when the centre line can’t be seen at all and on-coming headlights are blinding,” wrote Deeprose, who suggested the road needed to be upgraded, by whichever level of government responsible, before a serious accident.

Mitch Moroziuk, director of operations for Penticton, points out that neither the city nor the province has responsibility; the road falls under federal jurisdiction.

The road lies within the boundary of the airport, Moroziuk writes, and is the responsibility of Transport Canada.

Moroziuk said he has spoken with the airport manager Kerri Haybittle-Raffel about the concerns and forwarded her Deeprose’s email.

The Western News did not receive a reply from the airport manager before the Western News print deadline.


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